Diagnostic Imaging of Alaska-This project consisted of 3600 sq ft T.I improvement. Installed new MRI machine, flooring, casework, electric and mechanical.


Willow Medical & MRI Facility- This project consisted of renovation of X-ray room. Removal and Installation of X-ray Equipment.


Beacon Medical-This project consisted of a 3-staged construction schedule of 8500 sq. ft in downtown Anchorage. The 2-story building was converted from Class "B" office space into a medical clinic, training facility with consulting offices. Beacon OHSS, Inc. opened its doors with functional x-ray machine, medical exam rooms, offices, and in the interior design they were looking for.
Dept of VA Walla Walla Audiology- 
Install Furniture and Appurtenances for activation of the Specialty Care Clinic and Countertop Mods in Audiology Building 15.


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